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Digital Marketing Program

High Performance Multichannel Marketing

A multichannel performance program that combines evolved customer understanding, technology, and data with human experience, strategy, and insights. It can be deployed across many industries and verticals. This program focuses on smart connectivity, utilizing what performs the best and evolving with the continued marketing data insights. Enilon's omnichannel digital marketing program is a super power for businesses that are looking to grow strategically through data-backed decisions and with a digital marketing partner that they can trust will be their champion and backbone through their growth.

Bringing Consistent Messaging to Multichannel Marketing

Many businesses run content and marketing across various multichannel solutions from web presences, and social media, to cross-platform web stores, blogs, pay-per-click, and organic search. Enilon has been leading the way in helping businesses and their brands plan multichannel campaigns comprehensively aligned with consistent experience across channels. In today’s world, the amount of time it takes an audience member to be impacted by your campaign to the point of action has increased exponentially in a digital environment.

“Enilon is the full 360.”

Christopher, Global CMO, Flexjet

The multichannel marketing program is where Enilon’s Digital Marketing Program connects all the digital touch-points for your business into a unified and cohesive experience. We help you build a blueprint, map out an understanding of a multi-faceted audience base, and align all your channels efficiently under one umbrella to enable sustainable long-term growth.


Your strategy will begin with a discovery session(s) with a presentation of our research/findings. We then venture into customer personas and, if applicable, journey maps. Enilon’s top marketing strategists will chart an actionable digital marketing blueprint of deliverables, methods, and outcomes which will help guide Enilon and your team to become an integrated unit moving towards a particular set of goals. To learn more, we have a pair of excellent complimentary articles here and here.


Enilon will implement a tag management system (Google Tag Manager) to create KPI markers to track, measure, and analyze the data that matters on your website. Utilizing this data will allow us to create interactive dashboards and reports (Google Data Studio) to:

  1. Transform raw data into easily digestible and meaningful dash/reports
  2. Visualize real-time marketing performance
  3. Aggregate data in one spot convenient for all stakeholders

Content Marketing & SEO

Our expert understanding of how search engines work and following digital search trends helps the Enilon team inform and improve your Digital Marketing plan. We know how search engines like Google & Bing crawl, index, and rank websites. Our team stays up-to-date with search algorithm updates to understand the impact changes can have on an SEO campaign. Actionable knowledge allows you to have a ready response and proactive approach rather than playing catch up after the fact.

Design & Development

Enilon’s Design & Development team will constantly monitor website uptime/performance by performing weekly speed checks making note of optimization opportunities. Our team will run daily backups of your website. You will get 24/7 monitoring of the site for any failures in server execution. The design and development team is in a constant state of education to stay informed of current trends/issues in security and performance.

Let’s talk about how your puzzle pieces of paid media, SEO & content, analytics, strategy, design, and development fit together. First, we partner with your stakeholders to create a consistent brand experience as customers encounter your campaign across various digital entry points. Next, our experienced team of marketing professionals help you develop a digital marketing program with a deep understanding of their audience data and move towards implementing a strategic plan that drives engagement and response.

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