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We passionately believe in our ability to help our clients achieve their business growth objectives, and that goes without question and is felt by our clients everyday. We understand that business is changing at a rapid speed and you need a digital marketing partner that pivots quickly with you. Enilon is Digital Marketing for the future of business.

Why You Can’t Have E-Commerce Without E-Commerce Marketing

With large portions of the population shifting their buying habits to a predominantly online model, for retailers, a sound e-commerce marketing strategy is no longer a luxury: it’s a must. As we enter into yet another month of uncertainty and flux in the marketing world due to the ebbs and flows of COVID-19, one thing […]

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5 Reasons your Content Marketing Efforts are Failing

Today, content creation isn’t enough. You can’t just create world-class content and wait for it to get picked up. Gone are the days of “build it and they will come”. Now, with an ocean of content being generated every single day, content marketing is more important than ever. However, marketing your content, which in turn […]

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Digital Content Creation and Promotion in the “New Normal”

“If a company writes a blog and no one reads it, does it count as content?” If you’re anything like us, you’re tired of intros that start out with “In these extraordinary times…” or some version thereof. They’re everywhere. Still, in these extraordinary times (see? you can’t escape it) where the long-documented behaviors of your […]

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4 Problems That Killed Amazon Dash – That You Should Avoid

Amazon announced last week that it will discontinue its Amazon Dash button service. Its what? You remember, those little wifi-enabled physical buttons that were branded with a given item you felt the need to buy regularly and were connected to your home network. The same buttons that a court in Germany ruled to be, ahem, […]

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What We Can Learn From The Instagram Egg

Unless you’ve been living under a rock of late, there’s a war on Instagram where large sums of money and globally-recognized influencers are all losing… to an anonymous egg. Not a Fabergé egg, not a perfectly-lit quail yolk atop a bed of Wagyu tartare. A simple, inoffensive, brown, slightly speckled egg. This egg to be […]

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What We Learned at Camp – WordCamp, That Is

Enilon has been a WordPress house since 2014 which was, coincidentally, the first time we started attending DFW WordCamp – a two-day intensive that offers a well-rounded buffet of knowledge that addresses the two camps that attend the, well, camp. It is also one of those rare events that set the order of the Metroplex […]

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When To Post For Your Social Media Channels?

This infographic shows you best practices for posting in the top social media channels: Download the PDF version here.

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The Importance of a Content Calendar

When it comes to all the various forms of content we manage, from blogs and social media posts to infographics and videos, organization is vital to keeping all your various team members and assets aligned and on schedule. There are numerous software packages, apps, and CMS plugins that can assist you in keeping your content […]

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How to Answer Your Customer’s Voice Search Queries

Our reliance upon voice-enabled digital assistant platforms such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant into our digital lives is growing as our adoption rate of these new technologies keeps setting records. One estimate (already a year old) put stand-alone device growth at 130%. As a digital marketing agency, new opportunities to help our clients amplify […]

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