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When consumers know what they want and hit Google looking for a solution, paid ads are what get clicked. We get those clicks.

The right message–the right budget

Pay Per Click has matured beyond selling an ad to the highest bidding competitor. Now the top of the results page is where customers find real answers.

While lots of PPC ‘experts’ focus on clicks and impressions, we spend our time on the metrics that make money: Site engagement, conversion rates and cost per lead.

When we’re building and executing PPC strategy, we look at what’s working well and optimize constantly to drive better results for your spend. And we don’t just use PPC in isolation—we look at your entire digital program to see how PPC works with organic search drivers as well. Serious marketers need a partner that spends time thinking beyond what Google wants. It’s about what your customers want.

Paid Digital Marketing Services

  • Media Strategy & Planning
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Search
  • Paid Social
  • Display

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Enilon case study: Make Meaning

Making a meaningful impact on the bottom line


Learn how Make Meaning increased
phone call volume by
300%. arrow

Make Meaning, a startup in the crowded party planning industry needed more notoriety and customers to grow the business. We had to come in and make the phone ring—on a budget.

We created enticing ads for the most purchase-friendly search phrases for ‘party’. We made good use of real estate in the ad space to display the contact number throughout the process and made our client look larger than the competition.

Make Meaning increased in phone call volume by nearly 300% in the first 120 days of the PPC campaign. Form fills increased by 77% in the same time period. And our cost-per-lead fell by nearly 60% in the process.

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