The Finial Company

Enilon developed a creative digital platform that inspires and educates both the interior designer and the distributor while providing invaluable tools, tips and tricks-of-the-trade to help them plan and manage their design projects more easily – and see windows in a whole new light.

Big Picture

The Finial Company (TFC) manufactures high-end, hand-crafted decorative drapery hardware targeted to interior design professionals and sold exclusively through distributors. TFC’s vast mix of standard products, special collections, assorted styles, sophisticated finishes and, most notably, unlimited one-of-kind custom creations makes them an ideal resource for even the most particular of interior designers. At the same time, TFC’s endless customization makes it time consuming to get new distributors up-to-speed and product-savvy enough to successfully assist a designer who is juggling multiple projects and timelines before the window of opportunity closes. TFC’s consulting team is often called upon to actually present the collections and options to a designer.

The Challenge

Develop a digital plan to update TFC’s outdated distribution and marketing models; better serve distributors by transforming product education from a standalone print catalogue to a streamlined online experience; grow revenue by increasing business with, and for, their existing distributor customers; create awareness and a relationship with the primary target, the design community, with whom TFC has not previously engaged.

It came down to this: How to help distributors be the hero for their design customers – and TFC be the trusted resource for them both.


  • Strategy & Planning
  • Branding
  • User Experience
  • Website Development
  • SEO
Launch Site

Our Brand Discovery and Strategy

Recognizing TFC’s complicated business model, we knew it was imperative to start with a thorough discovery and strategy engagement to clearly identify the barriers for both targets and develop insight-driven communication strategies to ensure we created a solution that added value to our targets business.


One of the main barriers to interior designers taking on the window as part of their project is the complexity involved (math-oriented) in designing and ordering window hardware products. The task of measuring for custom window spaces and hardware becomes daunting. As passionately “hands-on” as a designer is about every aspect of their project, many feel they have to outsource to a window treatment specialist out of necessity.

Any Device Any Time

Mobile-friendly site is as beautiful as it is functional – moving seamlessly from desktops to devices.

Tools Designed For Success

Suite of online tools provides easy-to-use templates, guides, videos and tips to help designers measure, specify and order window products with confidence.

An Online Organizer

byDesign Project Planner gives designers the freedom to create, organize and quote their window and design projects whether in-the-office or on-the-go.

Full Catalog Access

Downloadable PDF of the full catalog for anytime online access.

Consistency Across Distributors

Embeddable IFrame version enables TFC distributors to provide access to TFC’s suite of online tools and planner features for their design customers from within their distributor website.


The brand strategy and digital overhaul of The Finial Company has been a resounding success. Not only has the digital platform helped streamline business for distributors and their design customers – the strategic insights have enabled TFC to forge a new relationship with designers built on a unique understanding of their challenges, the need for unrivaled service, one-on-one support and custom tailored solutions.

new designer accounts opened in the first year

new design projects in the works via byDesign Project Planner

new designer/guest visits to the website

accessed the site from their mobile or tablet