Texas Health Physicians Group

Not only did this pilot program prove to be a huge success in achieving the main objective of driving new patients to featured THPG practices – it provided valuable data-driven insights with which to strengthen the program going forward.

Big Picture

Texas Health Physicians Group (THPG) is Texas Health Resources’ not-for-profit physician organization. Committed to ensuring the healthcare professionals in their network have the resources to reach more people in need of safe, quality care, THPG provides integrated back-office and administrative support for over 700 physicians within 150 practices, 34 cities and 14 specialty focuses. They have a marketing department solely dedicated to driving patient acquisition for all of the practices.

The Challenge

Develop a digital plan and metrics to help THGP’s marketing department get new patients coming through the door of each practice within every specialty focus – without compromising overall quality of lead and ROI. It came down to this: How to utilize the power of the group to better serve the individual.

Our Solution

Create a digital program that leverages efficiencies gained through group marketing to deliver specialty-focused messaging to a wider audience (i.e. more bang for the buck), yet still provide flexibility for individual practices that need incremental support.

We started with a 50-practice pilot program built around “finding a physician” for a specialty need in a specific city. Patients searching for information about their specialized medical needs, i.e. bariatrics, primary care, etc., were driven to condition-specific content designed to educate them a bit about treatment options, physicians in their area – and prompt them to sign up to learn more and/or schedule a consultation.


  • Websites & Platforms
  • Display Advertising
  • SEO
  • Content Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion & Optimization
Launch Site

Increased Target Traffic

Increased targeted traffic to 12 physician specialist practices by 12%, on average, via SEO on-site techniques.

Conversion Rate

In the first 3 quarters, drove nearly 3,400 patient appointment requests at an average conversion rate of 4.7% and spikes at over 19%.

Increased Quality Traffic

On average, quality traffic increased by 5% each month, while the CPL (cost per lead) stayed steady at nearly 30% below our target CPL.

Insights Drive Engagement

Gained critical insights into patient behaviors at key decision-making moments on their path to health and wellness to help drive more brand engagement.

Pilot Data Insights

Once a person in need of specialized medical treatment begins seriously researching their condition, it takes 2-6 weeks before they decide to schedule an appointment with a physician.

  • Used pilot insights to reach higher in the funnel and engage with patients that were in their “research stage” (not quite ready to schedule an appointment) – but would be qualified leads.
  • Developed email lead-nurturing programs to deliver highly-relevant content tailored to each patient’s specialty need – during that critical decision-making window when they searching for answers and a trusted source.

From driving patient traffic to building THPG and physician trust to lead nurturing, the campaign has been hailed as so successful, it is being rolled out to fully support all 150 of THPG’s physician practices.