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Email is an important element of any long-term digital program. From strategy to send—and beyond—we help brands use it wisely and use it well.

Make the inbox work for your brand.

Since we are all perpetually attached to our inboxes—computers at work, smartphones on the go, tablets at the house—email can be incredibly effective at nurturing consumers and nudging them along the path to choosing your product or service. But everyday we’re inundated with emails from friends, family, brands we love, and brands we don’t.

We help you stand out and take advantage of Email Marketing by creating programs with targeted content, the right frequency and a platform that works best for your business. We help you be the brand that gets bookmarked.

Enilon case study: SMU

Good conversation makes for great numbers.


See how SMU increased the leadpool
for their sales team by
1000%. arrow

In the Continuing Education industry, the sales process is longer and requires an ongoing conversation with potential customers. We needed to be top of mind when it came time for the students to book their course.

We created a series of emails and videos that answers typically asked questions and uses testimonials of students who have already reached the goals common to the target audience.

The lead pool for the sales team increased over 1000% in a 6-month period and led to an increase of nearly 600% in new student signups.

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