Luxury, innovation and performance defines private aviation leader, Flexjet. Focused on ensuring their brand experience transcends every touchpoint, they looked to extend this feeling into the digital arena. Enter Enilon and the story of transforming awareness and expectations through emotion, digital strategy, personalization and 3D experiences.

The Challenge

We needed to relaunch a brand in the biggest way possible. Create industry leading experiences, while ensuring they seamlessly operated on all devices. We had to separate ourselves from the competition with emotion, while still providing critical decision making product details. We needed to drive leads, maximize time on site and evolve perceptions. We had to create the most immersive, personalized, luxury experience in a digital environment.


  • Strategy & Planning
  • Copy & Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • Measurement & Analytics
Launch Site


Consumers expect the company’s website to provide thorough information while representing the richest level of brand interaction outside of personal interaction.

Home Page

Simple and elegant, the home page was designed to welcome audiences into a unique brand story. Complemented with beautiful photography, the start of this digital journey is focused on the three key pillars of the brand — Jets, Service and Programs.

Any Device Any Time

Ours is an audience that expects — and demands — perfection. As a brand built on exceptional service, we had to ensure that service extended to the ability to access the site and provide an experience that would be both functional and beautiful, every screen, every time.

Jet Selection

With four different collections of jets, all with different capabilities designed for very different clients, it was important that each jet speak to satisfying the specific needs of the customer. From lightweight to ultra long-range, the voice and the experience might be different, but the luxury remains the same.

Details And Performance

Created to be both impactful and informative, the experience was designed to blend the brand’s story and offering. While customers could lose themselves in the beauty of the photography, they always had immediate access to the brand, the details and the information they needed to make an informed decision.

Personalized Programs

Faced with making financially significant ownership decisions, our audiences need the information and details as it relates to them or their clients. With a variety of ownership programs available, the information had to connect as well as complement.

A New View Of Luxury

By recreating every rivet, stitch and angle of each jet in 3D, we were able to create a photo-realistic, life-like viewing experience that allowed customers to engage, interact and explore the jet collection — similar to the brand’s demo events — with nothing more than a mouse and a keyboard.

Excellence In Service

As a key component of the brand experience, the Customer Service Managers work tirelessly to ensure exceptional experiences by managing every request and meeting every need. Through detailed case studies, we created owner-specific journeys to set expectations and celebrate the efforts of these customer service experts.

Premium Perfection

By allowing our audience to step inside these luxurious jets, we were able to successfully turn data into a destination — promoting the specifications and benefits of each jet through an interactive jet tour not found anywhere else.

In The Details

With an unsurpassed level of craftsmanship and care applied throughout these jets, the impression these details leave on someone is as impressive as the experience. Creating these details, down to the texture of the seat leather, gave online viewers a glimpse into the exceptional.

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Overall Conversions up: